About Attention Group

Who are we

We are first and foremost a team of highly specialized and innovative craftsmen with a long practical experience and a common vision of performing our jobs professionally. That means that we are an active partner and consider it an honor to meet our customers demands of timely execution and an excellence finish.

Attention Group A/S was originally a flooring company, but as our customers sought help in solving other functions in a hassle free manner Attention Group A/S had undergone a smooth development within products, assortment and tasks. Today, Attention Group A/S offers a full palette within construction, solar shading, flooring, signage, pictures and acoustics.

The customers

Our customers are often companies and public institutions. What they have in common is that the working environment, decoration, durability and finish are essential criteria for creating rooms of high quality. The extent of our work is gladly analyzed and organizes in close cooperation with the customers or their representatives.

The products

Attention Group A/S develops own products because we don’t want to settle for reselling what ever just happens to be on the market. We have our own brands in acoustics, signage, pictures, flooring, carpeting and curtain textiles. All of our products are developed with the intention of accommodating our customers high demands, which makes us an innovative collaborator, solving our part of the task. Furthermore, our own products have made it possible for us to compete on price without compromising on quality.