Attention Group A/S started with flooring

The name Attention Floor originated from the wish of giving flooring the attention which is needed if you want to add quality to a room.

We work with many different materials, and we have our very own production of flooring elements in different materials. We are always working on new products based on our customers needs.

Our floors will have different properties depending on glue, underlay and coating according to the room they must match. That means, that we are able to control step noise and wear in such a way that which wasn’t possible or custom just a few years ago.

Attention Floor® Vinyl

Attention Floor Vinyl is our own specially developed vinyl flooring, which is produced with a unique sound absorbency at 16,8 dB and a wood-like surface which is extremely durable. We usually lay Attention Floor® Vinyl in stores or showrooms but increasingly also in office spaces, basements, kitchens, rental flats, schools, public institutions or buildings where they have realised how much the noise of our feet touching the floor actually means for the working environment.

Wooden floors

Wooden floors are classic and we have thousands of variations. We can help with everything from your choice of underlay, glue and coating to visual expression because we know what is essential to the experience of the floor - and the room - now and in the future.


Linoleum is a natural product as well as being one of the oldest known, clean flooring materials. The development through the years means that linoleum is available in all shapes and sizes; lines, tiles, with a soundproofing base and a top coat that makes maintenance easy. Attention Group A/S work with the world’s biggest producers of linoleum which makes us able to deliver almost all types of linoleum flooring on the maket.


A carpet can determine the vibe in a room for all of our senses, it is actively absorbing sound whilst different patterns and qualities can create almost any effect. It does take the proper knowledge to choose the right carpet solution, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We have the tools and the experience to advise you on how you get the best effect out of your carpet.

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