Solar shading

Lighting defines a room and dictates what the room can be used for - and what it can’t be used for.

If the light in a room isn’t controlled properly, the room can become impossible to work in. We have years of experience in creating the right light setting for the spaces we work in. Therefore are we often partnered with contractors and architects, to help them choose the right solution.

External solar shading

When using external solar shading you are not only affecting the internal space, but the appearance of the whole building. It demands a great knowledge in internal light conditions and respect for the building’s character to choose the right solution - whether it be an awning or venetian blinds - as well as the correct way of mounting. We typically mount external solar shading as a part of the overall solution.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blind gives you a great amount of flexibility in regulating the light incidence according to your needs. By using venetian blinds you are able to avoid bothersome sunlight whilst preserving the light from the window.

There are countless of venetian blinds options; vertical slats, horizontal slats, metal, fabric, wood, plastic, with or without electric controls and internal or external. Attention Group can supply most and mount them all. To make sure you make the right decision we can construct simulations of how the different solutions work and thereby provide you with qualified guidance based on our practical experience.


Suspension, operational comfort as well as fabric and colour selection must be cohesive when choosing a curtain solution. We retail several highly renowned suppliers within traditional decorative fabrics and acoustic curtains.

Should the standard designs not be exactly what you are looking for, we produce our own fabrics as well as specialized prints on fabric.

Electrical curtain rods

Attention Shades is our operating system which is controlled remotely or simply by a light pull of the curtain which will activate the motor. This ensures great comfort and prevents damages to the curtains when e.g. guests at a hotel draws their curtains. The transformer is build into the mounts and both motor and transformer are interchangeable when worn.

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